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Ryan’s Story


For the Past 25yrs, Ryan had been spending most of it within the judicial system, Seemingly  not able to change once on the outside, with the system not being able to give Ryan the right tools to be able to change his ways and to stop the revolving door that see’s many offenders upon release reoffend. So what was different this time? Ryan had heard about a Set up of the first ever Onsite CITB PearsonVue CSCS testing centre , set up in Partnership with ourselves and HMP Lincoln. What exactly did this mean ? Offenders for once would actually be Job ready in being able to get onto a construction site.

Ryan was a main character and figure of respect within A-Wing , He signed himself up along with his Wing mates onto the Lv1 Health & Safety course , which is when our paths first crossed , after listening to me talk about our delivery profile within HMP Lincoln and links into employers who were willing to offer Jobs upon release for Demolition labourers and Traffic management operatives, Ryan and his colleagues signed up to both .

This was a journey that was about to change his life and to set an example that was to revolve around the wings of the prison. 

From day 1 , Ryan’s influence was all to see as he kept all the learners in check , making sure he and them got all the information they needed to pass and complete the training , However the Journey to passing his CSCS test wasn’t all smooth .

Ryan was booked in to take the first ever CSCS Test within the Centre , he met me at 8.30am on a Tuesday morning , Sat down at a Terminal and started the first of 3 Mock tests , scoring 49 , 50 , 48 . Ryan’s confidence was sky high as he had never scored below 48. As the clock ticked to 10am , It was time for Ryan to start his test , however there was an internet issue with the line for a fraction of the time going down for 15mins . This was the first time I got to see a different side of Ryan , “This will change my life forever “ he said , “No more giving my life to this place , I am done , 25yrs of anyone’s life is 25yrs to long” , then I started to see a nervousness about him , The confident 6ft 2 inmate that sat there 5 mins ago , started to show a nervousness that I hadn’t witnessed before , repeating himself “I’m done Stu , I have work on the outside ready , I just need these Cards and I aint  coming back , just need to pass this..” . The internet came back online , Ryan started the test, this time around compared to his mock tests where he was smashing it , his air of confidence just at times waivered , with just over the 30minute mark , he had gone through all 50 questions , however for the first time , Ryan had passed on 5 questions and flagged them up to go back to. He was now in a brain freeze , staring at the screen , hoping the answers would come to him , with the pass mark being 45 , he needed to have got all the previous questions right and would need one of these . For the first time I could see frustration and anxiety across his normal calm and confident self. His palms sweating , as he went over the 5 remaining questions , finally he picked his answers and clicked submit with all 50 questions answered , now for the wait and print off.


As I went to print of the score report , Ryan waited in anticipation , a real nervousness surrounded him. Things were about to take another twist , “The network has gone down again” I said , “can’t print off the report until it is back up “ , Ryan was now in a state of uncertainty . The Prison Officers were starting movements of other wings , So Ryan had to be locked into a separate room on his own , not knowing one way or another if he had passed or failed , he took to doodling on paper to pass the time away , All the Prison officers and other Inmates from other wings all asked about him , “has he passed ?” They all asked. I couldn’t giver them that answer. After a few phone calls to pearsons , the network kicked back into gear , after 25mins being locked in a room on his own , with his own thoughts , doubting himself , I led him back into the testing room , by now he had created a fan base , all the Prison officers gazed and looked through the window of the centre , The Admin team of PeoplePlus came in to the centre to give support , Some of his wing mates had held back to watch also with a sense of nervousness , All willing that he would pass. The printer started up and the score report was on its way , Ryan closed his eyes and couldn’t watch , palms sweaty , I folded the report and handed it over, Had Ryan overcome his nervousness and answered those 5 questions right , His eyes lit up and energy in the room and surrounding area changed , 48 out of 50 , The biggest smile came across his face , Then this 6ft 2 person gave out the biggest roar of happiness , Hugged everyone in site , lifting some of us off our feet as he continued the hugging , everyone was caught up in his aura and celebrated with him , There was a big shift with other inmate , now all wanting this feeling , He danced , hollered , couldn’t stop thanking me and the trainers . We laminated his scorer report and he went back to his Cell and placed it up on the wall for all to see.  From that day we have had nothing but inmates wanting to sign up for all our courses. He carried on learning , Gaining his Demolition labourer and National Highways cards , He was now armed with all the right cards to secure sustainable employment , We had employers lined up to look at taking our guys on upon release.

Ryan  after being out for 3 months now finds himself with a Job with CityFibre, putting his Traffic management skills to good use
Doing something he thoroughly enjoys, the longevity of the contract is 7yrs. I will like to say thou, Ryan did go off the radar for a while and it’s at that point where ex-offenders are vulnerable , however with support not just from us but from other Inmates that had been released and put into employment , Ryan came back and is our leading light in promoting change and supporting others, being a role model/ambassador to show, you can change

Thank you to all those involved in Ryan’s Journey.


Prosafe Consultants

ATS Group of Companies - Associated Training Services Group

HMP Lincoln

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 Stuart Barber - CEO | Director

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