Update: Welcome to 2021 , A new Year , A new lockdown .We are hoping to have some really good initiatives and projects to announce this year .

There is going to be a focus on the Green Agenda. Incorporating our Green Ambassador training program.


We are looking at rolling out training in Roofing . We are currently piloting a pathway lv1 Design, engineering in construction course and are looking at more of this delivery over the next month or two.


We hopefully can announce some winning tenders in the not to distant future.


Looking forward to trying to get back to a bit more normality in the hopefully not too distant future..


We have a few more members to announce , One of them WonKy , interesting name , check out their link on the members page for more info.


New Website coming soon!  We will be looking at organising future meetings once sanctions are lifted , If any members have information they would like to share with others , please pass on details .                                                                                    

Green Skills Partnership C.IC

" Growth Through Skills"


 A Pro Active network of over 50 experts & Key stakeholders with the same shared values from a range of sectors, coming together to develop skills solutions to build positive futures  to the disadvantaged.
Founded in October 2011 by TUC Unionlearn. Originally intended as an affiliation of interested parties looking to understand & develop a skills infrastructure across London who's aims where to meet the needs of the growing low carbon agenda.
We have since developed and moved with industry demand to help bridge the gaps in social exclusion and skills shortage within industries.


The branding is a collective of strength and of positive association.
This Joined up approach offers Networking, Diversification, Collaborative working,  Information, Advice, Guidance and Knowledge of occupational sectors.
The range of partners within the partnership enables us to oversee the governance and due diligence that combined ,offers both quality assurance and audit to partners and clients alike.
Our Ethical stance, along with our Industry expertise, offers solutions rather than problems.We consider that our whole package approach saves time, money, offers continuity ,proves concept and  produces social values that give clear visibility and builds up confidence that can help drive community social responsibility obligations.

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