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Mind Mapping


Benefits of this course:
Learn practical Mind Mapping techniques – confidently apply them to your every day process
Improve your organisational skills – rather than writing copious pages of notes you’ll be able to present information in an organised and easy to follow format.
Identify and understand a project – Mind Maps offer you a visual (non linear) structure to maximise the thinking potential of your brain.
Add structure – Mind Maps are a good way to plan and structure projects, presentations, writing and other business tasks.
Refresh your thinking– the single page format allows you to revisit a subject, refresh it and where required review
that subject quickly and easily.
Involve your challenges – the simple format means others can read, understand and add their own ideas.
Enhance creativity – promote free thinking and become more creative.
Improves memory – the structure of a Mind Map makes it easier for you to remember more.
Aids problem solving – by bringing all of the information together from differing sources to one page.
Save time – Mind Maps can be adapted to almost any task and will improve efficiency and help you to become more effective.
Versatility – Mind Maps are so versatile that they can lend themselves to virtually any task in and out of the workplace.


Who Can attend: Anyone 

Future Delivery: If you feel this course could benefit some of your employees , we can deliver to a cohort of a minimum of 2 onsite.


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