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CITB Joint Initiative Project


Funding Value £340,000




Overview - To enage with unemployed construction workers and bring them back into employment through retraining & upskilling 


Our Role:
To place 300 returning construction workers into a minimum of a 2 week work placement(Paid or Unpaid) 
150 returning construction workers to move on from work placement into Employment.
100 returning construction workers to achieve sustainable Employment or back into education or Training.


Working with our partner groups of the GSP  enabled us to deliver on our Outcomes early .Our structures we put in place enabled us to move 94% of those that we put into WorkPlacements to move into Employment. (Exceeding Outcome).
We achieved our 100 sustained employment Outcomes before end of contract. Continuation of tracking the returners saw the figure of 100 be exceeded . 


   Final figures for all     Outcome VS Profile 
                                   Outcome                   Profile
Work placements       300                            300
Job Starts                   282                           150
Sustained                   100                            100



Overview of contract 
What worked well
Diversity  , 91.6% Male  - 8.4% female
4.3% were ex offenders ,  with 100% progression into employment
Various Trades:  12.5 % into Plant , Dry Lining 9% , Management 1%
Engagement with supply chain
Industry led approach
Positive Case studies
Employer Incentive Fund
Strong Labour Market Intelligence (LMI)
Project Management and rigour


Emotional Intelligence course.


5 day E.I course in partnership with Tower Hamletts Leaving care team , SkillsMatch and the Workpath project.


6 young people attended , examples of their course work can be seen below , one of the students feedback :


"Hi Stuart 

It has been a pleasure to be in this course and I've learnt a lot!!
Good luck and all the on your journey too.

Kind regards 
Nowshad "

Emotional Intelligence - Dec 2017

photo gallery of what the learners produced:

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