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The Debrief Group offers unique skill sets and has the ability to call on expert resources where needed. The Debrief Group shares nearly 90 years of combined experience at the highest echelons of investigation and expertise.


Operating with complete discretion and integrity, The Debrief & Whistleblowing Group offer a wide range of services that reliably protect the reputation of your organisation. 





Managing protected disclosures by employees. The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 provides a framework that allows employees to alert their employer to serious failings in the workplace. Often, employees may feel unable to report their concerns over fears of the consequences from their immediate line managers or peers. Concerned employees can often feel isolated and anxious about making qualifying disclosures.  The Debrief Group can be employed to listen to the concerned employee, codify their concerns and discreetly report back to the employer so that appropriate action can be considered.

In the UK The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 places statutory responsibility on Boards and Senior Management of Employers and Public Service Employers to put in place policies and procedures to encourage and protect whistleblowers. 

In the Republic of Ireland, The Protected Disclosures Act 2014, is attended by the Industrial Relations Act 1990, Codes of Practice on the Protected Disclosures, Declaration Order 2015.  it states -

  1. Its mandatory for all public bodies to have a Whistleblowing Policy and highly recommends that all employers have one.

  2. That any investigation should be conducted using objective and fair principles with regard to the principles of natural justice.

  3. There is a value in relevant staff with specific responsibilities (Designated Officers and Senior Managers) being trained in the operation of the Policy and how to handle concerns.

Because of the perceived stigma attached to disclosing wrongdoing in the workplace it is difficult for both employee and employer to maintain trust and openness in this difficult arena. Neither party wishes to be viewed as a troublemaker, people may be afraid of speaking up and choose to say nothing in the hope the problem will go away or someone else will speak up on their behalf. Sadly this is not the case.

Whistleblowers will in the majority of cases be under significant stress and will require professional assistance particularly in ensuring interviews are conducted impartially and professionally. 

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